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Mattea is a company cherished in hearts of two generations, who have come together to make everyday more beautiful, colorful and brighter - to let each and every one be special.

Mattea is a very special brand, where effort is invested by knowledge, wisdom, experience combined with youth, maximalism and innovations. Each product of Mattea is its own masterpiece that holds a fraction of our hearts. 

Mattea believes that each person is unique and special, as a result our product is also one of a kind.

Each accessory of Mattea is waiting for its one and only owner, so that they could explore the wide world together.

Each accessory is unique handmade item.

We are specialized in jewelry, accessories like handmade flowers, brooches, headbands, hair pin, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, made of pearls, crystal, silk and leather.

Mattea accepts individual orders, so that you may design your own perfect fashion item. Please contact us via e-mail.

Made in Riga, Latvia and we provide a worldwide shipping.